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Author Topic: CanAm Cruise/Meet '09... May 29-31  (Read 4516 times)
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« on: February 26, 2009, 04:27:40 pm »

I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to the 2009 Canada/US Meet in Niagara Falls Canada hosted by the Toronto Accord Club and

The meet will be held the weekend of May 29th-31st. (yes, this is a 3-day event)  And everyone is welcome!

The main purpose of this thread is the following:

~See who is going and where people are coming from
~Post hotels and rates to organize room sharing if desired
~Organize meeting spots for caravans
~Organize a spot for all of us to meet before we cross the border

Justin (JMillerF23A on here) and myself are working with Derek (sykVsyx on Toronto Accord Club) and a couple other members of TAC to get this all organized. As soon as I get more info on the different events for the weekend they will be posted here. Expect a full weekend of cars, meets, cruising and eating!!

We are going to be inviting the following boards:

Toronto Accord Club
6th Gen Accord
Accord Tuner
Accord Wagon Club
Club Accord Quebec
Gen 7 Accord Club
Honda Accord Forum
Honda Acura Forum
Honda Club
Honda Forum
Honda Society
Montreal Prelude Club
Ottawa Honda Club
Ottawa Prelude Club
Prelude Power
Toronto Prelude Club
Vancouver Accord Club

Some of the events we will be planning are:

Cruise for the Cause to benefit the Cancer Society
Cruise through the Niagara Region
Car Show with possible media coverage
Meet and greet at a local park with a barbeque

Our entry point into Canada will be the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara, NY. I will find a good meeting spot for all of us before we cross as soon as I can. Tentative meet time will be between 5:00pm and 6:00pm EST on Friday, May 29th.,-79.066136&spn=0.007553,0.019312&z=16&iwloc=addr

IMPORTANT: If you don't have a passport, it would be a good idea to get a US Passport Card. The cards cost $40, and there is about a three week turn around time on the cards. The card will allow you to cross Canadian and Mexican borders by land only. You can have your picture taken and fill out the application at your local post office.

Info on the card here:

Where to apply here:

If you have any question, you can PM me.

As it gets closer to the meet time we will begin to arrange caravan routes and checkpoints so people can meet up coming from different areas.

Hope you guys can make it! This is sure to be an awesome (and very large) event!

****The Official Website/Forum and online Flyer will be posted very soon.****

If you want to attend, simply reply to this thread with your first name and where you'll be coming from.


1) JMillerUA6 - - CT
2) CarrieLynn - AZine - CT
3) SG81- AZine - Toronto
4) Goldnknight22 - - NH
5) Finch13 - - MN
6) BlkCurrantKord - - OH
7) CrosCntryAccord - - TX
8.) Hiddengamer - - KS
9) SykVSyx - TAC/ - Toronto
10) G - TAC/CB7Tuner/Accord Wagon Club - Toronto
11) SAV - TAC/Honda Society - Toronto/Niagara Falls
12) 02_VTEC_SE - TAC/ - Toronto
13) 94exr_typer - TAC/Accord Wagon Club - Toronto
14) Millz - TAC/ - Toronto
15) mindbogger - TAC - Toronto
16) rjngo - TAC - Toronto
17) AstroVannin - TAC/CB7Tuner - Toronto
18) ryan_s - 6GA - WI
19) rajin929 - TAC - Toronto
20) 04Komodo - TAC - Toronto
21) Pro95accord - TAC - Toronto
22) silvercl97 - TAC/AZine - Toronto
23) SleepyG - TAC/CD5tuner - Toronto
24) acc0rd - TAC/CB7Tuner - Toronto
25) 5th_GEN - TAC - Toronto
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2009, 07:57:08 pm »

word! hopefully some of us can make it!

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