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Author Topic: H23Vtec parts/tools list  (Read 11623 times)
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« on: August 29, 2014, 09:58:14 pm »

Will update as I remember....

The most recent swap list I made was a quick and unfortunately incomplete list due to the gap between the last one I worked on.  Hopefully this one will suffice for anyone looking in the future.

Things to swap from an H22a4 to an H23Vtec:

oil pump
crank position sensor
crank gears
knock sensor
upper portion of intake manifold
flywheel (if using manual transmission)
flywheel bolts (if using manual transmission)  - manual flywheel bolts are longer than auto
balance shaft seal retainer (if you have one - from 99-01 models - order one if you do not)
thermostat housing (if you really want)
water pipe (if you really want) - don't forget seals
vtec oil pressure sensor
drivers side motor mount bracket
upper and lower timing covers
oil pan (if you really want)
transmission brace - if using the h23 oil pan, the brace will need to be notched

New parts to replace:

rear main seal
both cam gear seals
cam plug seal
distributor o-ring
oil cooler o-ring
valve cover gasket set
front main seal
balance shaft seal
balance shaft retainer (if you don't have one)
timing tensioner
timing belt
water pump
oil pickup seal
rear oil pump seal
rear balance shaft seal
honda bond (for oil pan)
small oil seal - transmission side of oil pan
intake manifold gasket
egr port plugs
egr valve gasket (may be salvageable)


long and short ratchets
long and short extensions
wide range of deep/short and 12pt sockets.  Basic 10mm-19mm set will do, and a 24mm for the knock sensor.
axle pry bars
crank pulley tool (will get exact size later)
(2) breaker bars
rubber mallet
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« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2014, 05:24:04 pm »

Ew, ew ew,(raising hand)
I know the crank pulley grabber tool size....
50mm. Parts stores have the 40mm size.
We got a 50 at Amazon for like $25.

Ok, why not give those old axles a look see. If the boots are ugly you can re-boot them. If the car has a lot of miles and so do the axles consider replacing them.
Castle nuts will likely get worked when removing the axles. Consider replacing them.
Cotter keys for ball joints and shifter cables will need replacing more than likely.

And another 'good to have' is a magnet dish. Bigger the better.
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