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« on: January 08, 2007, 04:09:39 pm »

My only experience with Nitrous is this:
After a drunk and lucky night in Atlantic City,  My buddy and i threw this car together, cause it was pretty much free? and fun!

Car: friends 93 civic cx hb
Motor: B16.  I know they are weak but he got it for $1000 w/everything

Mods: Short ram intake, DC header, Hacked up dc sport exhaust, no muffler(ghetto rig from 97 coupe) Exedy flywheel, act 6 puck clutch, cheap fuel pressure regulator, Walbro fuel pump,  Zex bottle warmer, competition engineering Traction bars.  Nitto 555r Drag radials on SI rims
Open diff

N/A run 14.8 (Drag Radials)2.0 60ft

N/A run with Spoon ecu 14.5 (Drag Radials)1.9 60ft

Zex 50 shot 13.9 (regular street tires) Wheelspin 2.0 60ft

Zex 75 shot 13.7 (Now worn street tires) Mad wheelspin 2.0 60ft

The Car felt like a different beast with the nitrous, and the 75 shot was night and day better than the 50 shot.
 As far as times go, the car was much faster obviously, but due to inconsistent bottle temp and the nitrous kick getting much weaker by the 5th or 6th pass, times were more inconsistent.  I know a direct port wet shot would be much better, and safer. but still (wouldn't suggest it for Bracket racing)

The Nitrous was most noticable in the first three gears
rolling on the throttle at 60mph in 5th gear on the highway the nitrous was not very impressive, barely noticable.
My opinion Very fun, most power per dollar anywhere, but don't put it on your car if you don't plan on keeping the bottle full.  Makes the car feel like a turd when not spraying.  Don't put it on your car if you want your motor to last.

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