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Title: My former 1995 Si
Post by: elspectro29 on March 01, 2013, 02:42:41 pm
I've never really talked about my second Prelude. I didn't have it for long, but it was a blast to drive. It had an S-Spec H22, header, and catback exhaust, but was completely stock-looking from the outside. I don't seem to have many photos of it uploaded anywhere, but here's one at work next to an AP2.

The only issues it had were minor: the oil pressure sensor mount was a bit loose, causing it to occasionally wobble and the oil light to come on, but turning the car off and on again would cause it to go away. It also had adjustable ball joints that went out of alignment easily. I was going to replace them all in time. Also, the cup holder was broken. But the car drove like it was new. Until one night on my way home from work, when a truck ran a red light and hit me, then said I ran the red. The light didn't have a camera at the intersection then (it does now) so there's no way to prove who ran it. The car was, according to my insurance company, "an obvious total loss", but I paid to keep it hoping to fix it. I ended up buying the 93 instead because I wanted a stick shift but kept the 95 for awhile for parts until I had to sell it to pay some bills. The people I sold it to were fixing a 95 VTEC that had damage elsewhere. I wish I'd have kept the engine but had nowhere to put it at the time. They later told me that a body shop told them that the car had been totaled already before, but my Carfax didn't show an accident before I owned it, so it was eventually parted out.

Title: Re: My former 1995 Si
Post by: ogsmakdade on March 01, 2013, 03:21:27 pm
sucks man............. I'd lose it if anything happened to my lude

Title: Re: My former 1995 Si
Post by: the bykfixer on March 03, 2013, 06:08:05 pm
The only pictures I have were after the wipe out.

I loved that car.

D, we bought the car already fixed up. Dude had put some $10k+ in the car. It was immaculate except for a minor ding on the passenger fender.
The people that bought were full of crap. That car hadn't been totaled before. They were saying duct tape was holding in the lights or some crap. I'd looked it over pretty good before he sold it. We were gonna store it in my back yard and a neighbor was gonna help fix it.
But it was not to be.  :(
My eyes water when I think of that car. And it won't even mine.
You could eat off the valve cover.

Title: Re: My former 1995 Si
Post by: the bykfixer on August 11, 2014, 05:53:57 pm
2 years ago Saturday (8/9)    :-[

Sucks, but it lead to greater things.  :loco:

Title: Re: My former 1995 Si
Post by: escape on August 16, 2014, 05:32:16 pm
It's weird how some "totaled" cars were some of the best I've owned.